About OriHime

Your new body that you can easily control remotely. That’s what OriHime is.

You can control OriHime from your smartphones or tablets from anywhere in the world to see, hear, talk and express yourself through OriHime, and it is designed for everyone including those without an experience of using Internet or applications.

OriHime’s face is inspired by a mask from traditional Japanese theatre show called “Noh”, which is a seemingly expressionless mask that is made to reflect any expressions from joy to sadness by interacting with people’s imagination. Surprisingly, although OriHime looks expressionless like a Noh mask, it is its face that allows them to see the controller’s face through it. All of the features are meant to create an experience that everyone, from the controller to people who were involved in the communication, feel like they have spent their precious times together.

Our mission is to provide a time for you to get together with your loved ones, and ultimately to resolve problems caused by “loneliness” created by distances in the world.

at School


Even if you are hospitalised, if you place OriHime on your desk at school, you can talk with your friends, attend classes and study from your hospital room. You won’t be left behind anymore, and you won’t be left out from the memories that your friends had shared.

at Home


Whether if you are an exchange student or working abroad away from your family, you can go home using OriHime to watch TV with your family, or see what your children or your pet are up to. We use Internet to connect OriHime, so distance never matters.

at Hospital


Even if you are paralyzed and can only move your eyes, you can control OriHime using your eyes’ movements and go out with your family, use body language like signalling yes and no, and you can even clap your hands.


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Yoshifuji Kentaro

Kentaro Yoshifuji (ory)

Co-founder, CEO

Kentaro did not attend school between the age of 10 to 14 for medical reasons. He invented a new mechanic for an electric wheelchair during high school, and won Grand Award 3rd at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) as a representative of Japan in 2005. As a researcher, he also holds over 10 various awards including a Japanese National Honour Award for youths.
Kentaro developed OriHime from his own experience of not being able to attend school for medical reasons and many voices of suffering patients in order to allow such people to actively participate in society through the use of avatars, and established Ory Laboratory in 2012.

Aki Yuuki

Aki Yuki

Co-founder, CFO

Aki gained a qualification to attend ISEF for a research on hydromechanics, however she suffered from tuberculosis right before the ISEF and was hospitalised for a long-term. Since she was unable to attend school for half a year, she participated in the development of OriHime. During the university, she was awarded with Bronze Medal at Asia Science Camp 2009.
She is the International Christian University graduate, and was an exchange student of University College London Innovation Management Major.

Yoshifumi Shiiba

Yoshifumi Shiiba

Co-founder, CIO

Yoshifumi worked at a production company for 5 years as a member of system development department, and was in charge of web productions. In 2012, he changed his occupation to a freelance programmer. Through a volunteer team in Fukushima which he had a deep connection to and a mutual friend, Yoshifumi met Kentaro who was developing OriHime, where they shared their interests as engineers. He is now in charge of the development of OriHime.

Company Overview

Name : Ory Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Address : Room 502 Bravi Mitaka, 1-3-11 Nishikubo, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan 180-0013

Ory Laboratory aims to resolve any problems caused by solitude through the use of robots. We also aim to construct a future where anyone who feels lonely can overcome their burden caused by disabilities and distances and actively participate in society by meeting whoever they want to meet and going wherever they want, even if they cannot move from their beds. We are developing an avatar robot OriHime as a solution for loneliness in the current society, and services attached to OriHime.

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